Electric Avenues-The Roots

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Co-Created by Domini Anne and Dominika Gaines, this 2.5 hour workshop uses experiential anatomy to illustrate the nerve pathways for the lower body. Extending off the Sacral Plexus, the map of the nerves follows a different format than that of the fascia, muscles or bones.

Understanding how the nerves guide our sensory perception and motor control in conjunction with their specific areas of influence empowers trainers and movement enthusiasts alike to approach their physical practices from a new perspective.

  • 2.5 hour workshop

  • Size
    5.01 GB
  • Duration
    152 minutes
  • Resolution
    1280 x 590 px
  • 2.5 hour workshop
  • Size5.01 GB
  • Duration152 minutes
  • Resolution1280 x 590 px
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Electric Avenues-The Roots

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