Pelvic Floor - Vitality for Life Workshop

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This is a somatic exploration of the pelvic floor, both superficial and deep layers. Using the breath as a driver, we begin restoring reflexive activation. The class builds gently and slowly to incorporate the adductors, glutes and hamstrings, and we layer the actions of tongue and eyes for more midline stability. There is emphasis on the release phase of each contraction, as an awareness exercise of our "holding" patterns.

The class is divided in to 4 movement sequences. Each segment is first performed lying--where the concepts are introduced; then seated, concepts are brought into gravity with support, followed by standing. Sequence 3 incorporates quadruped position and sequence 4 is standing and squatting. In between sequences, I have incorporated walking, balance work and cervical mobility to assess the impact of each mini-series of exercises.

The goal is to give you small, actionable exercises that assist you in building and/or restoring pelvic health. You may work your way through the entire class, or choose segments to stay with an repeat as you build endurance.

This is a 90-minute workshop presented via Zoom on April 24, 2021. The first 5 minutes is my personal pelvic health journey, followed by a 10 minute anatomy lesson.

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Pelvic Floor - Vitality for Life Workshop

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