GYROKINESIS(R) class with Neural Glide Explorations

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75 minute GYROKINESIS(R) class with a focus on the lumbar spine and the nerves of the lumbar and sacral plexus, from their roots at the spine to their distal ends in the feet. Through a series of repetitions, we will decompress the spine through Narrowing of the Pelvis, mobilize the lower back through multiple planes of movement, mobilize the thoracic spine for movement and energetic flow in both directions of the spine, stretch the dura of the brain and spinal cord, and connect to the legs in seated and standing postures and integrate with gait and balance exercises. 

The class is appropriate for people of all skill levels and may be particularly helpful for those with a history of sciatic ridiculopathy and neuropathy, piriformis syndrome, low back pain and ankle sprains.

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GYROKINESIS(R) class with Neural Glide Explorations

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